Stay Warm This Winter Without Turning Up the Heat

January 16, 2019

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With temperatures often below zero, January and February in Des Moines can be rough. Fortunately, there are ways to stay warm without the need to turn up your furnace and send your heating bill through the roof.

It is wise for every homeowner to look for an alternative way to stay warm and not turn up the heat. We shall discuss some tips on how to stay warm during winter without spending a lot of money.

Use a space heater

A space heater is an excellent and wonderful way to heat up a small area within the home. Simply turn down your thermostat and use the space heater instead. That would help you to cut down your energy consumption on heating.

This method is more effective if you live alone or only choose to heat up a particularly small area of the home. Other rooms of the house will remain unheated.

Wear warm, layered clothes

A simple and effective way to stay warm inside your home is to wear warm, cold-resistant or dressing in layers. If you are well prepared to deal with the cold, you won’t need to worry about what the weather can bring. Have blankets at the ready as another way to keep yourself warm.

Try a traditional wood burning fireplace

Although considered to be one of the least efficient methods of staying warm, a wood burning fireplace can help you cut down your energy bill. Using the wood burning fireplace can provide your home with warmth while reducing costs.

Better yet, turn on your gas or electric fireplace. If you don’t yet have one, call Kohles & Bach to find out how affordable a new Heatilator fireplace can be.

Get a programmable thermostat

A huge percentage of the monthly expenses of every household every year goes to heating. No wonder every homeowner is looking for an alternative way to cut down this cost. One of the best ways of doing this is to get a programmable thermostat that can be correctly set in the right temperature required for the room. You won’t be heating areas of the house that you’re not using.

Open your curtains during the day

Another natural and effective way to stay warm during the winter and not turn up the heat is to keep the curtains and blinds open during the day to allow sunlight to stream in. This run rays can help to heat up the room at no additional cost. However, make sure you close them at nights to prevent the heat from diffusing away.

Bottom line
These are some great ways to reduce your energy bill this winter. Another option is to get a new high-efficiency furnace installed in your Des Moines home by Kohles & Bach. Give us a call today for details.