Why You Need a Wi-Fi Thermostat

December 20, 2017

You’re laying in bed and you’re just freezing. You’re on vacation and you realize you forgot to turn down the thermostat. Your kid is home sick from school and has no idea how to turn on the heat.

All of these may have been problems in the past. Not in 2018.

IComfort Wi-Fi System 

With a Lennox iComfort Wi-Fi Touchscreen Thermostat installed by Kohles & Bach Heating and Cooling, these problems are officially a thing of the past. The iComfort lets you control the temperature in your house from any smartphone – anywhere in the world.

After connecting the unit to your home wifi, install the Lennox iComfort Wi-Fi app (available for iPhone or Android) and take complete control of your heating and cooling needs from your smart device.

The iComfort’s touchscreen interface lets you control everything from the unit as well. You can easily program your house to heat and cool as needed throughout the year. The screen also can show you the weather forecast.

Here are some more features of the iComfort:

  • Smooth Setback Recovery begins the temperature recovery process up to two hours before the programmed time.
  • The iComfort Wi-Fi’s one-touch Away Mode makes saving energy easy. When you leave home, the thermostat will reduce system output and energy use with just a touch. When you return, touch the thermostat again, and it will restore normal heating and cooling schedules.
  • Filter reminder tells you when it’s time to change the filter.
  • Auto changeover can switch back and forth from heating to cooling as needed.
  • Humidity control lets you control your whole-house humidity-control system from the iComfort unit.

Are you ready to take complete control of your heating and cooling system from anywhere in the world? Call Kohles & Bach today to schedule an installation of your iComfort Wi-Fi Touchscreen Thermostat today.