Ways to Lower Your AC Costs This Summer

April 16, 2018

It may seem like we just made it to spring, but summer is around the corner. Our days of open windows will soon be replaced by the gentle hum of an air conditioner.

Lower Your AC Costs This Summer - Lennox AC  

So how can you make sure your energy bill doesn’t get too high in our summer heat? Here are some ideas…

7 ways to lower your AC costs this summer

Use a ceiling fan. A fan may not actually cool a room, but the wind chill effect does make the room more comfortable. A fan can make a room feel as much as seven degrees cooler. Just remember to turn the fan off when nobody is in the room or you will waste electricity.

Don’t use your A/C as much. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can decrease your summer cooling bill by as much as 10 percent by setting your temperature as high as possible and and increasing the temperature even more when you are away or sleeping. A programable thermostat such as the Lennox iComfort Wifi will make this easy to do.

Properly care for your equipment. Change your air filter regularly and get your system cleaned by a professional at least once per year. Kohles & Bach is currently running a special for a $69 air conditioner clean and check that will get your system running at optimum efficiency for the upcoming cooling season.

Close the curtains. Curtains, blinds and shades can greatly reduce the amount of heat that gets into your home. Keep them closed during the day.

Avoid cooking indoors. Your oven and stove generate a lot of heat. Use the outdoor grill instead to avoid extra heat being generated in your home. If you do cook inside, a crockpot is a nice option because it throws off less heat.

Stay low. Heat rises, so simply spending less time in the higher areas of your house will be a great way to reduce your cooling costs. If you have a basement, use it.

Install a new high efficiency air conditioner. If your old A/C is even 10 years old, you’ll be surprised how much a new highly efficient air conditioner can reduce your energy bill. Call Kohles & Bach today at 515-278-2900 to find out how to save big with rebates from Lennox and MidAmerican Energy.