Water Heater Replacement

February 20, 2018

If you’ve ever stepped into the shower to find no hot water, you know the value of a good water heater. Water heaters should work fine for 10 years or more, but a little bit of maintenance work once a year can extend that even more.

First you want to check the pressure-relief valve on the side or top of your water heater. The valve should release water when you lift the lever. If not, you should replace the valve. You can purchase a new valve at a hardware store.

Replacement is not difficult, but it does require turning off the water heater and draining the tank. If this seems too difficult, please call a professional water heater repair company such as Kohles & Bach Heating and Cooling.

The second maintenance item is to drain any sediment at the bottom of the tank. Turn off the cold water valve that goes into the water heater. The turn on hot water in any faucet in the house – and leave it on until you are finished.

Turn off the power to your water heater if it’s electric. If it’s gas, turn the gas to off. Open the drain valve and drain 2-3 gallons of water – until you no longer see anything floating in the water. Be very careful as the water will be very hot.

Turn the water heater back on and you should be good to go for another year of warm showers.

Again, if you are not comfortable with any of these repairs, please call in a professional. Call Kohles & Bach at 515-278-2900 or contact us here.