Questions to ask when buying an air conditioner

June 11, 2018

Purchasing a new air conditioner in Des Moines is a large investment – possibly one of the largest you will make in your home. Buy the right air conditioner, and it could keep your house cool and your energy bill affordable for another 15+ years.

So asking the right questions is important to make sure you are making a wise investment.

Questions to ask before buying an AC Unit from Kohles & Bach Heating & Cooling 

Here are some things to ask when getting an estimate for a new air conditioner.

What size air conditioner do I need?

Air conditioners come in different sizes. Depending on the square footage and layout of your home, you may need a larger or smaller unit than is currently installed in your home. If you recently finished or plan to finish your basement, that’s extra square footage to consider. A trained HVAC company will make sure you get the right air conditioner for your space.

How efficient is the new system?

Your old air conditioner has probably lost efficiency over the years. Current Energy Star systems have a SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating of 15 or higher, which means they will save you money. Air conditioners with higher SEER ratings are more energy efficient.

Are there tax rebates or credits available?

You can save thousands of dollars on the cost of a new heating and cooling system with rebates from both MidAmerican Energy and from Lennox. Find out more about these rebates on our specials page.

Do you offer financing?

A home comfort system is a big investment. You can lower the up-front cost by getting financing through your heating and cooling company. Kohles & Bach offers financing. Visit our page or call for details.

What is the installation timeline?

You’ll want to know when the new air conditioner will be installed, and you’ll want to know how long it is going to take. Kohles & Bach prides itself on usually being able to install replacement air conditioning systems in just one day. So you come home from work to a cool house. Give us a call to find out when we can get your new A/C installed and how long it will take.


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