Furnace Tips for Cold Weather

January 29, 2019

Furnace Tips from Kohles & Bach 

Extreme cold weather is nothing to make light of. But a few simple changes at your thermostat will make sure your house stays warm even when the weather does not.

First of all, set your thermostat two degrees higher than normal. This will offset the cold coming in from any air leaks in your house.

You should also turn off your programmable thermostat’s setting to get colder during the night and when you are away during the day. It’s just too difficult for it to warm back up.

Finally, your fan is probably on auto mode. Instead, turn it on and leave it on until the cold weather has passed. This will help circulate the air and keep your house at a more even temperature.

And of course, if you need professional help with your Des Moines furnace, don’t hesitate to call Kohles & Bach at 515-278-2900.