How to Cut Your Energy Costs During Colder Weather

February 13, 2019

Approximately about 40% of the total home energy bill during the colder days goes to heating. This is even higher for areas like Des Moines which records lower temperatures during the winter. Many homeowners like you are looking for a way to cut their energy costs during this colder weather. Here are some excellent tips to help you get started.

cut your energy bill in winter 


  • Change your furnace filter regularly, usually once a month or according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • Have a scheduled and routine professional maintenance of your furnace every year
  • Install a programmable thermostat
  • Reduce the heat by one degree in the day and ten degrees in the night
  • Ensure that your carpet or furniture do not cover or obstruct the vents or air ducts.


  • Insulate your attic and top floor ceilings
  • Install thermo-pane windows in your home
  • Introduce weather-stripping around your doors and windows
  • Replace all window screens with storm windows
  • Always close the damper on the chimney flue when not in use
  • Insulate yourself by wearing insulated slippers in the home and other practices.
  • Cover window surfaces with curtains or makes the window quilts for the winter.


  • Use motion sensors or photocells for outdoor lights
  • Use compact fluorescents for lights that are usually left on for long periods of time
  • Turn off all the lights before you leave home
  • Open your window blinds in the day to let sun rays into your house and remember to close immediately the sun starts to set in order to retain the heat.


  • As a general rule, turn off all appliances when not in use
  • Unplug electrical gadgets and appliances when fully charged or not in use (computers, hair appliances, batteries, charges, etc.)
  • Insulate your older water heater to prevent heat loss
  • Create a power switch to serve as a central turn-off point for certain gadget categories like computers, kitchen appliances, TV set, and so on.
  • Use the right pot size when cooking on the electric cooker to enable fast cooking and avoid extra cooking minutes.


  • Always ensure the washer is full of laundry or dishes before washing
  • Install an energy-efficient shower and tap outlets to save water usage and reduce the money spent on water heating.
  • Except for extreme cases, embrace using cold water for washing as water heating consumes much of energy
  • Use the correct amount of water when washing
  • Spread clothes in natural daylight to dry. Seldom use dryers to dry your clothes except for urgent situations
  • Empty your lint trap before each load

Bottom line
The home heating system can consume a lot of energy and increase the energy bill during the colder weather. However, with some tips and tricks, you can drastically cut your energy cost while getting the same level of heat you require in the home. Winter is here again; use the above tips to cut down your energy cost.