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Heating and cooling your house isn’t necessarily enough to keep things at maximum comfort levels. A whole house dehumidifier will keep your house more comfortable, and it will purge your house of indoor pollutants.

Benefits of a whole house dehumidifier

It lowers your energy bill – Moisture can make the air in your home feel warmer. When you run a dehumidifier to take some of that moisture out of the air, you can raise the temperature on your thermostat without feeling a difference. This will lower your energy bill.

Protect your wood – Too much moisture in your home can be bad for your hardwood floors, furniture and other wood items in your house. A dehumidifier will protect those things from damage.

Breathe easier – A dehumidifier makes your air healthier to breathe by reducing the levels of mold, bacteria and mildew.

Send insects packing – Spiders, silverfish and roaches prefer a humid environment. Lower the humidity and they’ll be less likely to invade your house.

More efficient than portable units – Whole-house dehumidifiers integrate with your heating and cooling system. You would have to install portable units in each room of your home to get that result. And there are no containers of water to empty.


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